Professional References

From his wide experience in different business sectors, was a strong supporter in defining product development road maps and key success factors.

Alberto Galantini – SIPA Group Sales Director

Without the persistence and openness of Ildebrando , in order to make our products better for our dealers and especially our consumers, this would not have been as efficient and fluid as we managed to do it .
He’s a very skilled and detailed professional that has good analytical skills and good product development insights in order to improve product and quality.

Jan Mertens - Natuzzi Benelux Director

What I appreciate of Mr. Aldrovandi is first of all his outstanding technical competence. He knows the quality requirements and processes, their ultimate purpose, and the rationale behind each of them. Great professional, one of his main skills is his ability to fuse properly motivations and expertise of involved stakeholders, so to align them into an integrated effort. Communication and interpersonal skills, passion, fairness, and a solid "'common sense" drives his management attitude. Active listener as well as a constructive communicator, both internally and when interfacing external organizations, Mr. Aldrovandi is also very much willing to learn but also to freely pass his valuable knowledge and the fruits of his long experience to others.

Tommaso Sgobba – E.S.A. Head of Flight Safety

Mr. Aldrovandi excelled at managing his public affairs committee. With his 'chevalier attitude,' diplomacy, and negotiating skills he got a lot of important work done for the CIOR organization. Ildebrando is a true professional, a fine representative of Italy in the International community, and a great supporter of the NATO Alliance.

Roy Thorvaldsen – Former Chief of NATO ACT Public Affairs & Senior Strategic Communication Consultant

Ildebrando is a key player in Process design and Re-Engineering, having implemented a sophisticated web-based company-wide system . Excellent knowledge of Quality as a methodology, Operational Excellence & Innovation by thinking outside of the box, due to his wide experience.
A very qualified and trustworthy business partner.

Manuel Guerrero – Sonzogni CEO

He has always been extremely professional in all areas of his duties and has demonstrated loyalty and support, not only to myself, but to the whole Company, even when under the most extreme pressure.
He has displayed outstanding leadership qualities and enjoyed good relations with his team, thus enabling him to achieve and even surpass his assigned targets.

Michael J. Kimberley – Lamborghini CEO

He managed to implement a difficult and key process for Brand & Image protection (Accident & Incident Management), with low organization visibility and difficult involvement from all stake holders in a very smooth and proactive way. He showed autonomy, leadership skills and initiative since day 1 of his nomination, and it is obvious that the process is now properly deployed in Cluster South Europe.

Jean Claude Jobard – Tetra Pak Cluster South Europe Managing Director


I hired Brando to lead the Quality System improvement during an early stage of his Career in Executive Position. He was already showing is strong technical profile, very detail oriented, mixed with a good sense and know-how of organizational structures; positive and proactive, he was a key player in our process reengineering team

Claudio Galli – EMEA Kohler HR Director

I had the pleasure to work with Ildebrando on the implementation of the MOG 231 in Tetra Pak Carta, Tetra Pak Italiana S.p.A.and Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions. He was very proactive and skilled, expecially on the tasks of process improvement and process analisys . He, as internal project manager, provided an excellent contribution to the achievement of the project goals.

Andrea Giacomelli – Operari Advisor in Financial Control, Internal Control, Internal Audit and Risk Management