Do you need an experienced Temporary / Project / Change manager to implement your projects quickly, in multi-culture and rapidly changing environments, in Italy and abroad?

Do you want to simplify / integrate your processes to the time and resources actually available for your Cyber ​​Security, Business Continuity and Industy 4.0 initiatives?

Do you want to deal with Customers, Audits and Updates in the Automotive, Aerospace and Medical Industries without anxiety?

Are you looking for an updated Advice or Training with short term contracts and no high follow-up costs (WCM, Lean6Sigma, TOC)?

IA is the first aid for your company: a professional who comes to need and does not stay longer than necessary!

He has the right tools for the growth of your company and your collaborators and partners, and uses them in a targeted way

He gives quick results and protects your most valuable assets: customers, time and money

He practices large companies such as family businesses, both on products for the market or on orders

With a long experience as 1st level manager in various industries and companies, such as Leonardo, Avio/Avio Aero, Lamborghini and Tetra Pak.

IA offers a tailor-made service to increase the value of your business - wherever you want, when you want and for as long as you want